One of London's most respected  co-operative agencies est. 1985.

Meet the actors



Adam Slynn 

Carolyn Defrin 

Daniel Kruyer

Fraser Wood

Heidi Niemi 

Jack Bloss 

Jonny Emmett 

Lorraine Hilton 

Peter Barnes 

Rudina Hatipi

Sophie Ormond 

Tony Wredden 

Anne Rosenfeld 

Christian Jenner 

David Barnes 

Gus Kennedy Jacob

Ian Hurley 

Jean Trend 

Judith Amsenga 

Louise Purdy 

Rachael Hart 

Scott Hunt 

Steven George 

Brig Bennett

Clare Fraenkel 

Daryl Webster

Holli Hoffman 

Imelda D'Souza 

Joe Wredden 

Lesley Ann Acheson 

Peter Warnock 

Robin Harris 

Simon Mitleman 

Steffanie Freedoff



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All About Us 

Who are a.n.a ?

What we do 

ANA is one of London’s most well established and respected cooperative agencies.

We represent a diverse roster of actors who work in the film, tv, theatre, commercial and corporate industries in both the UK and internationally. From fringe theatres to Hollywood sets, our clients are working around the world and are versatile, multi-skilled performers. 

How it works 

As a co-operative agency, our way of working is simple: Every member is both a client and an agent.


Being an agent involves suggesting clients for projects, negotiating contracts, building and sustaining relationships with casting directors and directors, seeing client shows, interviewing prospective clients, and much more.

What you get in return is a supportive environment in which to flourish, an understanding of how the industry works, and the combined knowledge of the entire agency membership at your disposal. That’s a lot of knowledge!

Members commit to working in the office 3 days a month, as well as attending a monthly meeting, client shows, and of course, the Christmas party. It’s no small commitment, but we believe it’s worth it for the career development, not to mention support, you get in return.



get in touch 

How to find us 

We welcome email applications from professional actors.

Please send us a link to your spotlight CV, links to your reels (if available) and details about why you are interested in joining a co-operative agency. 

Whilst we are open to hearing from anyone with a passion to join ANA, at the moment we are particularly looking for actors from the following casting brackets: 

  • Actors with a younger playing age (16-25)

  • Male identifying actors 35-40 

  • Female identifying actors 40-50

  • Non-binary / gender fluid actors 

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Address: 55 Lambeth Walk, Lambeth, London, SE11 6DX

Telephone: +44 20 7735 0999


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