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What we do

ANA is one of London’s most well established and respected co-operative agencies.

From new streaming series to the Edinburgh fringe and beyond, our actors work in the film, tv, theatre, commercial and corporate industries in both the UK and internationally.

How we work

As a co-operative agency, our way of working is simple: every member is both a client and an agent.

Being an agent involves suggesting clients for projects, negotiating contracts, building and sustaining relationships with casting directors and directors, seeing client shows, interviewing prospective clients, and much more.

What you get in return is a supportive environment in which to flourish, an understanding of how the industry works, and the combined knowledge of the entire agency membership at your disposal. 

Members commit to working in the office 3 days a month, as well as attending a monthly meeting, client shows, and of course, the holiday party. It’s no small commitment, but we believe it’s worth it for the career development, not to mention support, you get in return.


ANA was founded in 1985 based on the principles of equality, supportiveness and, unsurprisingly, cooperation. Developed by five core members, including current member Lorraine Hilton, the main aim was to have more control over their careers. They decided the best way to do this would be to learn the ‘business’ by becoming their own agents; working for themselves and for each other. They also had the desire to challenge traditional notions of gender and race within casting, hoping to effect positive change within the industry as a whole.

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